Touring London Within a Day

The best place to start your London tour would be the home of the Royal family, the Buckingham Palace. Keep in mind that the palace is open to the public from June to October only. If you are visiting the city during the rest of the year you will be able to see only its exterior and the famous Guard Changing ceremony, which takes place at 11:30 am every day. Continue reading

How to Find a Place to Rent in a Hurry

Once more you find yourself looking for a temporary place to live. You will never find a more annoying task than to look for something than may or may not be there the next day. When you find something that looks promising you call for it, only to hear that it has already been rented. Locating a decent place should not be that difficult of a task but it appears that way.

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Five Easy Going Cleaning Steps for Vertical Blinds

I urge you to remember how clean and spotless were your vertical blinds just after their installing on your windows. They had bright vibrant colour that gave so much for the coziness of the very room. Unfortunately over time, especially if you are smoker and you smoke in the room, you shall see their colour fade and some stains to occur over time, more and more. Another factor of the lose in their cleanliness, is because of the dust that they accumulate. Continue reading

5 Spring Cleaning Money Savers

This year spring arrived a day earlier according to scientists and meteorologists. Though it might be a little bit alarming and surely raised a red flag for its environmental consequences, I can’t deny I really enjoy the warm and sunny weather outside. Abundant daylight is a good reminder that it’s time to spring clean. Although I don’t like being caged inside cleaning while I can run outside, I have to commit time and effort to get my home prepped for the season. Continue reading

Top Moving Tips When Changing House

House Moving

Well, we all know what the situation in London is these days. The smog is terrible and we all have issues with it. The problem is really serious for the small kids, the elderly people and for the people who have problems with their lungs – these are usually the asthmatics. However, i think that we all realise that this situation will be fixed but it will repeat again in some months or years. The city is simply too crowded and we have too few trees. In some countries, the streets are surrounded with trees but not in England. No, we are too modern, industrial etc. to have trees around. So, because of the feature which according to many looks exactly the way London looks today, many decides to change the house.

Therefore, here are some tips on the different ways that should be known from anyone who is about to change houses. Continue reading